This year, eMise offers you everything you love about Mise...

from the comfort of your home or office!


    • Strategies for Post-Covid operations
    • F&B trends for today….and into next year
    • Samples delivered to your door—while supplies last!
    • Networking with peers and sponsors
    • Live panel conversations:
      ​September 14, October 12, November 16, January 11

    eMise 2020

    1. The first ever Online Hotel will go Live in mid-September:
        Watch favorite speakers, grab a drink at the bar with Tony P, download critical information, learn              about new products and get set for success--all on your own time. It's not Zoom!  

    2. Register for our Live Panel Sessions:

    • "View from the Top" featuring Chefs Brad Nelson and Marc Ehrler
    • "Boots on the Ground" featuring Chefs Mark Ching, Joe Natoli and more
    • "Banquets and Bars" featuring Catersource and The Spirits in Motion
    • Online Hotel Q&A featuring the General Session speakers of our Online Hotel

            Grab a cocktail, visit with familiar faces and participate in the live discussion.

    3. Sign up for an Interactive Sampling Kit--while supplies last!

                                                                                Click the link below to get started...

                                                                                               Register Here