Fresh Mango Flavor Pairings  Make it with mango! The different varieties and ripeness levels in fresh mangos provide notes of both sweet and sour, making it a versatile fruit to pair with various flavors.

​​​​Building better with Barilla  What’s the secret to perfect pasta? The Barilla commitment to uncompromising quality. We are passionate about bringing the best possible pasta to your home. But there is an art behind the science. It’s the dedication of our team. Sourcing the best possible Wheat, a custom blend of grains that cooks perfectly al dente. Delivering the quality, you expect from any dish. From our test kitchen to yours. When you cook with Barilla, you’re bringing more than great pasta to the table, you’re bringing passion. 

Fresh Mango Menu Promotions  Mango keeps your menu fresh, All Year Long! 12 months of promotions feature delicious ways to bring the flavor of mango to any meal, any day.

True Aussie Provenance Book:  With today’s guests demanding naturally raised, free-range, pasture-raised, grassfed, high-quality beef and lamb, we invite you to choose Australian beef and lamb for your operation. Be inspired with how True Aussie Beef and Lamb can help you tell a compelling sustainability and quality protein story on your menu.Type your paragraph here.

True Aussie Cuts to Cuisine:  Look beyond the rack and chop to more innovative cuts and variations. In this handy book, you’ll find inspiration for how to use different cuts, along with recipes and other vital information that can help you add more value to your bottom line with Australian Lamb.

Catering to Chefs & Mixologists!  At Fresh Origins, we never stop creating. With over 500 varietals of Microgreens, PetiteGreens, Edible Flowers and Tiny Veggies™, we strive to meet the needs of Chefs in every niche. In the world of mixology, our Herb & Flower Crystals® are a great ingredient for cocktails; they are naturally colored, intensely flavored & shelf stable. Our Petites such as Stevia, Citrus Basils & Mints are tasty when muddled in a drink. Peruse our catalog to see our selections and reach out today for samples!

The Culinary Research & Education Academy (CREA) recommends a variety of products to help with your own sous vide operation. Tools such as the Breville and PolyScience Hydro Pro Plus is the only circulator that can monitor core temperature and cook to a desired core temperature which is then read by the connected probe. Features like this help take the guesswork out of knowing the temperature for a sealed & self-contained pouch. Products recommended here are for the novice sous vide chef to an expert working to fine tune their process. Have questions? Reach out to the CREA team and they can work with you to recommend the best suited products for your needs. 

Boursin: Production Process  Discover how Boursin is made and take a peek inside the production plant in France.

Fresh Mango Ripeness Stages  Don’t judge the ripeness of a mango by its skin color. Internal flesh color is generally the best indicator of maturity and ripeness. Hold it in your palm and it give it a gentle squeeze.

Tessemae's Resources Coming Soon!


The path to innovation is paved by education and exploration. The Culinary Research & Education Academy (CREA) is there to help chefs at all steps of their sous vide journey. Try our Sous Vide Fundamental course, where we develop for you the best, basic method to understand sous-vide cooking and to obtain the best product in your kitchen. At the great price of $50, this course allows you to start your own journey into sous vide on your time. If you’re already familiar with sous vide with have additional in-person and online courses to further your education and even learn with the “Father of Modern Sous Vide”, Dr. Bruno Goussault. Our trainings provide a great opportunity to further you self or invest in your team to enhance their culinary journey. Email us at for more information or to see when our next course will be!  

Barilla saves the day video  It can be a tough world out there for Foodservice operators, especially now. But there is a superhero ready and waiting in the pantry! You can depend on Barilla pasta’s quality and consistency to help meet the challenges of today, and into the future.

Tyson Lodging  With consumer demand for better-for-you foods, Tyson Foodservice continues to innovate with delicious, versatile products that cater to the lodging industry. We offer products at every price point with a focus on convenience, nutrition and fresh prep. Our products enhance the guest dining experience so that guests feel good about what they’re eating without sacrificing flavor. Fresh, nutritious and on-the-go are no longer mutually exclusive and guests can have confidence in the foods they eat.

As a Mise attendee, you are invited to utilize these fabulous resources from our Sponsors!  These are provided to you as you navigate ideas for your property!  View them all now, or as you need them...they'll be here through 2021!


​In collaboration, Cuisine Solutions and TurboChef Technologies have been working to educate and assist hotel chefs across the country as we embark on the post Covid-19 pandemic global landscape. TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency by designing ventless ovens that are adaptable, user-friendly and save energy. The current labor shortage and continued space constraints have necessitated the demand to be versatile and labor efficient without compromising quality, consistency and still being cost effective. We encourage you to look at our products and reach out to either partner to learn how we can help your operation run more efficiently.

Bel Brands: Ready to help the hotel chef  Learn more about Bel Brand’s signature cheeses that move the ordinary to extraordinary.

Honestly Grown™ In The Best Climate  Our climate here in San Diego is perfect for growing strong, healthy MicroGreens and Edible Flowers. The climate makes a huge difference in flavor, color, and shelf life.  The bright, natural year-round sunshine and mild weather means larger leaves, thicker stems, deeper color, more intense flavor, and exceptional shelf-life.

Industry Insights The ins and outs of food and beverage service for lodging operations presented by Restaurant Business and Foodservice Director.

On Top of The World’s Finest Cuisine!  Fresh Origins is North America’s leading producer of Microgreens and Edible Flowers. We’ve been growing the finest quality for top chefs and fine restaurants for over 20 years. Our innovative products can help open doors and increase business for your clients who are looking for something extraordinary.  Our product is available through specialty produce distributors. 

Barilla Recipe Builder   View the Barilla Recipe Builder to learn how to whip up quick and easy meals that will satisfy the entire family! Get ready to be inspired by Flavors from across the globe using the Barilla Recipe Builder! 

Mise 2021 Online Resources

True Aussie Flavor Wheel:  This interactive tool, inspired by beer and wine tasting wheels, is designed to help you and your team develop new recipes, create new pairings and describe red meat to your guests and staff.

Tyson Small Plate Solutions  Think Big. Plate Small.  Create flavorful small plates with east-to-prep products from Tyson Foodservice.  Building menu excitement with small plates is a great way to keep guests happy dining onsite.  We're ready to help with a wide selection of versatile, already-prepped proteins that can be easily customized to create your own signature dishes.  In addition, our chef-curated ideas were created to help inspire delicious new possibilities - keeping your back-of-house needs in mind.  So you can create flavors guests love, while maximizing labor efficiency and product inventory.