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2020 Agenda in Development

2019 Agenda:

Designed with the hotel chef in mind, Mise is intended to inspire, educate and create definitive action. Our action-packed agenda will focus on food, operations and marketing--all intended to drive your personal and professional development and drive bottom line profits for your company. There will be ample time for networking with other chefs and our Sponsor partners, to select curriculum that suits your personal needs and to explore Atlanta on your own as a culinary mecca.

Sunday, August 25:
2:00PM: Registration opens

5:00-6:30PM: Opening reception

Featuring sponsor products and a special presentation by Barilla

6:30PM: Enjoy Atlanta's restaurant scene, optional sponsor dinners

Monday, August 26:
7:00-8:00AM: Breakfast

8:10-8:20AM: Welcome (Alexei Rudolf, Jaclyn Glatzer, Thomas Horner)

8:25-8:55AM: Opening speaker, ​"The (Hotel) Kitchen Raised Me!"  (Chef Chad Minton)

Hotel kitchen lifer and founder of the cult favorite True Cooks culinary apparel brand Chad Minton kicks off Mise 2019 with a bit of his own journey, coming up through the ranks in the Ritz Carlton system (among others) and ultimately being inspired to create the TrueCooks brand as a way to unite cooks and chefs around a common respect and love for “what we do.” Chad’s message of "Humility, dedication and sacrifice" as keys to success in the restaurant/hospitality industry will resonate with Mise attendees, and set us up for an impactful conference.
9:00-9:45AM:  Keynote speaker, "It Takes Guts" (Chef Chris Cosentino)

Author, chef, cyclist and philanthropist Chris Cosentino is this year’s Mise keynote speaker. You probably know him for his Top Chef Masters success, or maybe for his growing restaurant empire in San Francisco’s Cockscomb, Jackrabbit in Portland, Oregon, and now Acacia House at the Las Alcobas hotel in Napa Valley. Or you may know him for his emphasis on cooking with offal, as in his James Beard-nominated “Offal Good” cookbook. You might not know that Chris was one of the first and highest-profile chefs to publicly talk about his battles with depression, and needing to face those issues head-on to achieve success in the kitchen and in life. We’ll learn about his journey and what it means for leaders in hotel kitchens as we look to take care of ourselves and our teams.

9:45-10:05AM: Morning Break, featuring libations from The Spirits in Motion 

10:10-11:10AM: Street-Level Menu Opportunities (Gerry Ludwig, Gordon Foodservice)
Renowned restaurant trends guru Chef Gerry Ludwig is back to take the stage at the Mise conference, bringing his unique approach to uncovering menu opportunities with an eye to hotel chefs in an exclusive for Mise attendees. Each year, Gerry and his Gordon Foodservice team eat their way through the menu at newly opened restaurants in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, looking for common themes, flavors and ingredients that are ripe for exploration at forward-thinking operations across the country. No data, no charts, no graphs…just pictures and stories of what’s on the menu and on the plate. Perfect! We can’t wait.  

11:10-12:05PM: How Hotel Properties are Fighting Food Waste—& Winning! (World Wildlife Fund, Panel)
Food waste is already well-known to Mise attendees as a critical issue for sustainability, social welfare, and the bottom line. What you may not know is that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, came together to work with the hospitality industry on understanding and reducing food waste, especially in buffet and banquet service. Through research and a series of demonstration projects with properties across the country, innovative strategies were identified to engage staff, partners, and guests in cutting waste from hotel kitchens. Participating hotels from Hilton, Hyatt, Kimpton, Marriott, and Fairmont did the work and saw results that – if scaled across the industry -- would eliminate half a million tons of waste within a year. 

In this panel session, we’ll hear directly from the project’s leaders at WWF as well as some of the hotels who participated in the pilot studies about what they learned, and real-life strategies that apply to any catering operation. We’ll also take a look at the comprehensive toolkit that this project generated, a free and impactful resource aimed directly at hotel kitchens.

12:10-12:30PM: Libbey Sponsored Session, "Plateable Insights from Libbey® Foodservice"
Join Chef John Franke of Franke Culinary Consulting and the tabletop experts from Libbey® Foodservice as they dissect some of the future-forward insights set to drive the foodservice hospitality landscape. In this look at the latest trends on the menu and the tabletop, you’ll come away with creative, actionable solutions for you to use in your operation to produce exceptional guest experiences that can result in Big Profits. Rave Reviews. Full Houses™.

12:35-2:15PM: Lunch & Learn featuring all Sponsors

2:20-3:00PM: Breakout Sessions 

                           1. Building a Better, Healthier Chef’s Life (Lisa Dorfman)

                               Our hotels spend a lot of energy marketing health and wellness to our guests and making it easy for them to make                                 healthy choices; from workout gear and in-room yoga mats, to wellness breakfasts and options for every special                                     diet under the sun. But who’s helping the chef? The chef’s lifestyle is not a healthy one by default. Celebrated                                         author, former pro athlete, dietitian and friend of the Mise Conference Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, Certified Chef                                             Nutritionist, aka The Running Nutritionist™ will show you how to incorporate simple, practical and effective tools for                                 stress management, health(ier) eating for energy, strength and endurance, and yes, even exercise into your daily                                   and weekly routine. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, and armed with a personalized action plan to help you live                                       your best life.

                           2. Even Better than a Thousand Words (Leigh Loftus)
                                Dynamite food photography for social media is now an essential part of a successful hotel F&B marketing                                                program.You can’t have one without it! The chef is expected to generate content to help with sales and marketing,                                  and to be proficient at styling and shooting with a phone or camera. Food photographer and instructor Leigh Loftus                                  of Chicago-based We Are Loftus Photography has worked with hotel brands from Hilton to Radisson Blu and                                          Loews, and specializes in helping chefs learn to take better photos. In this practicum, you’ll not only learn the                                          theory behind framing, lighting and editing, but get the chance to practice and apply what you’re learning in real                                      time using your own phone and real, live food.

                            3. The New Alchemy: Turning Food Waste into Flavor with Cryo-Concentration
                                The masters of sous vide at Cuisine Solutions have been doing some groundbreaking work in cryo-concentration,                                  using a combination of sous vide technique and a careful cold process to extract flavor and functional benefit from                                  all manner of ingredients, including food waste. The results are more than just cool food science, they’re dynamite                                  flavor components with the cleanest label possible, and useful everywhere from the banquet to the bar. Learn                                          directly from the leading experts on this topic, including an interactive Q&A. 

3:00-3:20PM: Afternoon Break, featuring libations from The Spirits in Motion

​3:25-4:05PM: Breakout Sessions repeat
4:15-4:35PM: Sponsored Content, The Mushroom Council, "The Mushroom Menu Strategy"

From the New York Times to Washington Post to Pinterest, there’s one vegetable that’s sprouting up above them all in 2019, even in this era of the plants — the mushroom! We’ll hear from the Mushroom Council’s Steve Solomon about the amazing consumer appeal for this humble fungi, how it’s helping to reimagine iconic foods like burgers and how hotel chefs are using it to solve for everything from flavor and food costs to differentiated menus and guest satisfaction. 

4:40-5:30PM: Annual fireside chat
In this Mise tradition, the Fireside Chat, we set the scene with comfy chairs and strong drinks, and a panel of experts to talk through the burning issues of the day. This year, the panel are your peers, and the thorny issues we discuss are drawn directly from your feedback. It’s 100% real talk, zeroed in on what’s most relevant for hotel chefs. Be ready to participate! 

​​6:30-8:30PM: Evening reception featuring Premier and Signature sponsors

​Tuesday, August 27:

8:00AM: Light Morning Snack/Coffee Available

8:15-8:55AM: The Global View: Lodging leaders on the state of Hotel Food and Beverage, what they see in the future, and career advice for chefs
Another Mise tradition, in this hosted chat with corporate leaders from some of the top brands in the Hotel F&B world we’ll learn what keeps your bosses up at night, keeps them engaged and passionate about their jobs, and solicit some candid career advice for culinary talent looking to get where they want to go.

9:00-9:45AM: What’s Shaking: Hotel Beverage Trends from Concept to Operations (Maeve Webster and Tony Pereyra)
The “B” in Hotel F&B is one of the most dynamic categories in the business, and increasingly falls under the chef’s purview. Amenities, banquets, catering, lobby bars, non-alc programs; it’s all in the mix. To help you bring your “A Game” to the beverage program, the power duo of Mise mainstage veterans Maeve Webster of Menu Matters and Tony Pereyra of Spirits in Motion will show us not only what’s trending and new, but how to actually implement it in your operation. 

9:50-10:30AM: Kitchens of the Future…and the Present
Bay Area kitchen design consultant Joe Schumaker, FSCI of SGC Foodspace is plugged into the latest in technology developments that impact high-volume foodservice operations. There’s plenty to get excited about in what’s to come in the next 5-10 years, and plenty to blow all of our minds with futuristic visions. We’ll see some of that, but also what’s available now and today to make our operations leaner, cleaner and greener, all while delivering a high-level experience to the guest. 

10:35-11:35AM: Brunch!

11:40-2:10PM: New for 2019, Hands on Sessions featuring:

                        Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

                        Avocados from Mexico

                        The National Pork Board

                        True Aussie Beef & Lamb

2:15-2:45PM: Between Two Ferns with Chandra Ram and Chef Jeb Aldrich
In this third annual edition of Plate Editor Chandra Ram’s on-stage interview, she’ll chat with James Beard Nominee Chef Jeb Aldrich about how he created Tiny Lou's, and how he made a hotel restaurant so successful to local customers and the media. They’ll also dish on making French food new again, talk tattoos, and Jeb’s favorite spots in Atlanta’s food scene. Just the thing before setting out for the dine-around! 

2:45-6:00PM: Atlanta dine around, explore on your own

7:30-10:00PM: Closing event, poolside