Agenda 2023

Designed with hotel F&B in mind, Mise is intended to inspire, educate and create definitive action. Our action-packed agenda will focus on food, beverage, operations and marketing--all intended to drive your personal and professional development and drive bottom line profits for your company. There will be ample time for networking with other chefs and our Sponsor partners, to select a curriculum that suits your personal needs and to explore Atlanta on your own as a culinary mecca. ​​​​​​​

The 2023 Agenda is in development and we welcome inputs from you on the kind of content you'd like to see!

Here's a bit of what we've got working...

What Guest-Centric Hospitality Really Looks Like
Mise favorite Maeve Webster returns with her focused consumer insights for the hospitality sector, guided by the annual Mise proprietary consumer survey. This year we tackle some foundational questions! Recognizing that we’re in an era of brand switching and changed expectations for both business and leisure travel, how should hotel F&B respond? How do we prepare our operations to capture the attentions of and engage with guests of today? What role should foodservice play in not only defining the property experience but also in creating meaningful solutions for guests? And how will all of this likely shift and evolve in five years’ time? 

A Culinary Tour of West Africa with Shola Olunyolo
West African cuisine is enjoying a breakthrough moment in American culture, from chef-driven tasting menus to taco-shop mashups. To guide us into what for many chefs is an unfamiliar landscape, we turn to Chef Shola Olunloyo of Philadelphia’s StudioKitchen culinary lab. A native Nigerian fresh off a month as chef-in-residence at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Shola is the ideal interpreter for the Mise chef attendee. In this culinary workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of the flavors and ingredients that typify West African food, and a few dishes with the potential to land on hotel menus. 

How to Harness Hospitality Trends to Build Business and Drive Revenue
Join National hospitality marketing and consulting firms af&co. and Carbonate as Andrew Freeman and Candace MacDonald present the agencies’ 15th Annual Hospitality Trends Report – providing a comprehensive overview of the key influences that are shaping the industry now and in the year ahead, and how to apply them in your hotel to drive revenue and word of mouth. Their insights have been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Business, and Martha Stewart. 

What Chefs Need to Know About The New Rules of Social Media Marketing for Restaurants
Social Media is no longer about just posting pretty food photos from your phone and hoping your prospective guests see them. When done strategically it is a powerful communications tool and source of guest insights. Chefs can be a powerful content engine for hotels. Join Carbonate Co-Founder and Managing Director Candace MacDonald as she shares five key considerations for chefs to help build an effective social media program for their restaurants.

Restaurant Kitchens and Mental Health
Readers of  Plate magazine will recognize their industry-leading coverage of mental health in restaurant kitchens, including a dedicated issue and groundbreaking Restaurant Mental Health Toolkit, available both in print and online. The challenges are known and many, and the tools to address these long-standing issues with kindness, compassion, and wellness are sorely needed.  In this session, Plate editor-in-chief Liz Grossman will moderate a panel of industry professionals who are spearheading new initiatives in their kitchens and broader communities. You’ll gain practical tips you can apply to your operation, both front and back of the house.