2018 Agenda

Sunday, August 26

2:00PM: Registration opens

5:00-6:30PM: Opening reception

Featuring sponsor products and a special Italian gastronomy exploration by Barilla

6:30PM: Enjoy Atlanta's restaurant scene, optional sponsor dinners

Monday, August 27

7:00-8:00AM: Breakfast

8:10-8:20AM: Welcome (
Alexei Rudolf, Jaclyn Glatzer, Thomas Horner)

8:25-9:00AM: Opening speaker, ​Get Ready to Make the Cut! (
Chef Chris Hill)

Chef and Author Chris Hill will kick things off by sharing his message that will, without a doubt, inspire you to soak up the knowledge, resources and experiences of the Mise Conference. Having been a restaurant owner himself, while also interviewing many of the great chefs of our time, Chris knows the industry and will be sharing their stories of success, failure and what it takes to truly thrive in the culinary world. It's not just about the food and the cooking that make one a successful culinarian, but rather the leadership skills one is able to develop, the mindset they are willing to embody and their ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, every single day.


9:00-9:45AM:  Keynote speaker, "​Redefining Re-entry with EDWINS" (Brandon Chrostowski)

We are very excited to have Brandon Chrostowski as our keynote speaker at this year’s Mise. Brandon is many things, mayoral candidate, CIA grad, chef…but it’s his role as the founder of EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute in Cleveland Ohio that has us juiced. Now the subject of an award-winning documentary film, “Knife Skills;” EDWINS is all about reentry for folks leaving the prison system, and giving them a path forward and a future in the restaurant world. The program has grown from teaching in prisons to opening its flagship restaurant as well as building a 20,000-square foot campus that offers free housing, workout facility, library, basketball court and other amenities.  Today EDWINS Leadership and restaurant Institute graduates over 100 students a year between its prison program and restaurant institute, who are some of the most sought-after employees in the Cleveland restaurant market. 

9:45-10:05AM: Morning Break, featuring libations from The Spirits in Motion 

10:05-11:05AM: Menu Trends & Opportunities 2018 (
Gerry Ludwig, Gordon Foodservice)

​​Renowned restaurant trends guru Chef Gerry Ludwig will once again take the stage at the Mise conference, bringing his unique approach to uncovering menu opportunities in an exclusive for Mise attendees. Each year, Gerry and his Gordon Foodservice team eat their way through the menu at newly opened restaurants in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, looking for common themes, flavors and ingredients that are ripe for exploration at forward-thinking operations across the country. No data, no charts, no graphs…just pictures and stories of what’s on the menu and on the plate. Perfect! We can’t wait. 

11:10-11:55AM: Next Level Sous Vide (Gerard Bertholon, Cuisine Solutions)

It’s been around long enough to no longer be a “modern” technique, but there’s no doubt that sous-vide is the best example of technology working to help the chef in a real and substantive way – apologies to Instagram. We have the honor of welcoming Chef Gerard Bertholon, Chief Strategy Officer of Cuisine Solutions to the Mise stage to show the profound impact sous-vide can have in a hotel kitchen. We’re talking about being able to reduce labor and waste by 20-30%, and cut overtime by 75%. All while delivering the best, most consistent quality to your guest, whether you’re feeding 30 or 3,000. Whether you’re new to the game, or already a devotee, you’ll find something in this session to take your sous-vide game to the next level!

12:00-12:45PM: No Booze, No Boundaries: The Power and Profit in Modern Non-Alc Programs (
Tony Pereyra and Phil WillsThe Spirits in Motion)

The old adage has long been that the “profits are in the booze.” While that’s still true, the game has changed around non-alcoholic beverage offerings, especially in hotels. Farm-to-table and a focus on freshness in the kitchen has raised consumer expectations, and upped the risks for brands that don’t innovate away from the basics and old standby fountain drinks. Mise Beverage team and bar rockstars Tony Pereyra and Phil Wills of The Spirits in Motion will take us through how we got here, and how to build a non-alc beverage program that works on every level — scalable, profitable, and consistent. 

12:45-2:15PM: Lunch & Learn featuring all Sponsors

2:20-3:00PM: Breakout Sessions 

                                   1. "Tasting in the Dark" sensory blind tasting experience, Dr. Hoby Wedler

                                   2. Get a Little Action! Trends in Action Stations & Buffets and the Art of the Plate,

                                       Kathleen Stoehr (Catersource) & Executive Chef Matthew Voskuil 

​                                   3. Cracking the Code on Healthy Menu R&D (Pam Smith and Maeve Webster)


3:00-3:20PM: Afternoon Break, featuring libations from The Spirits in Motion

​3:25-4:05PM: Breakout Sessions repeat

                                   1. "Tasting in the Dark" sensory blind tasting experience, Dr. Hoby Wedler
                                   2. Get a Little Action! Trends in Action Stations & Buffets and the Art of the Plate, 
                                       Kathleen Stoehr (Catersource) & Executive Chef Matthew Voskuil 

                                   3. Cracking the Code on Healthy Menu R&D (Pam Smith and Maeve Webster)

4:15-4:35PM: Steaking a Claim on Menus: What Hotels Can Learn from the Modern Steakhouse
                      (Catherine Golding and Chef Aaron Brooks, Four Seasons Miami)

Steak is a key category on every hotel menu, at the restaurant or the banquet. But what today’s diner looks for in a modern steak experience has changed. To meet these diners with what they they want, when they want it, what cuts and varieties should you offer, and it what sizes? And in what context? In this chat with Chef Aaron Brooks of EDGE Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons Miami, True Aussie Beef & Lamb’s Catherine Golding will cut to the meat of the matter and uncover what lessons the modern steakhouse experience can teach hotel operators of all shapes and sizes. 

4:40-5:30PM: Annual fireside chat, "Generating a positive kitchen culture after #metoo"

​2017 brought a spotlight on sexual harassment in the back of the house for good, turning many established industry icons into pariahs overnight. So how do we move past blame, shame and negativity and use leadership and culture to create a new, brighter future for everyone? For this difficult conversation, we turn to a Mise tradition, the Fireside Chat. We will set the scene with comfy chairs and strong drinks, and then open the floor for two excellent panelists, the “Workplace Therapist” Brandon Smith, and social psychologist Krysia Waldron, PhD to talk about their vision for creating a culture that stops problems before they start and helps recruitment and retention. It promises to be a lively discussion!

6:30-8:30PM: Evening reception featuring Premier and Signature sponsors

​Tuesday, August 28

7:00-8:15AM: Breakfast

8:15-9:00AM: The Global View: Lodging leaders on the state of Hotel Food and Beverage, what they see in the future, and career advice for chefs
In this hosted chat with Brad Nelson, Vice President Culinary, Marriott International Global Portfolio and Olivier Gaupin, Corporate Chef, Loew's Hotels, we’ll learn what keeps your bosses up at night, and solicit some candid career advice for culinary talent looking to get where they want to go. 

9:00-9:45AM: Chef + Marketing = $uperhero duo (
Walter Woods and Chef Thomas McKeown, Hyatt Hotels)

Marketing a property using F&B has never been more important, and yet hotels face an uphill battle against established stereotypes of “hotel food.”  To make matters worse, the chef and the marketing team often aren’t on the same page. But when they work well together, it’s a powerful force to book meeting and event business, banquets, and attract attention to the hotel restaurant. The duo from the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Walter Woods and Chef Thomas McKeown are quite the dynamic duo. We’ll learn their secrets and strategies to help bridge the gap between marketing and culinary. 

9:45-10:00AM: Morning Break, featuring libations from The Spirits in Motion 

10:00-10:45AM: The New Hospitality: Changing Dynamics to Delight and Indulge Consumers (
Maeve Webster)

Shifting demographics, changes in consumer behavior, and new expectations in travel are forcing hotels of all levels to take another look at how to best appeal to new and returning patrons. With so much changing, the effect is dizzying — from incorporating technology to rethinking the role of in-room ammenities, common spaces, restaurants, and room service, it’s hard to know where to look to find the hotel of the future. Maeve Webster, former chef and principal of research firm Menu Matters will help us focus, and help guide the way to the New Hospitality. 

10:45-11:05AM: Avocados Made Easy – Techniques, Tips & Ideas for Serving Everyone’s Favorite Fruit at Scale
                     (Chef Brian Wilford, Avocados From Mexico)
Join Chef Brian Wilford, Culinary Manager and Executive Chef at Avocados From Mexico, to learn all the trips and tricks for serving everyone’s favorite fruit at scale and how to translate these techniques into best-selling dishes within hotel dining. Chef Wilford will demonstrate holding techniques, ripening tips, and several modern twists on hotel-friendly, crave-worthy items with fresh avocados as the star. 

11:05-11:25AM: Mini Sponsor Session: the National Pork Board

11:30-11:50AM: Between Two Ferns: 20 Minutes with Chandra Ram

In this second annual edition of Plate Editor Chandra Ram’s on-stage interview, she’ll chat with 2017 Chef to Watch Andre Gomez about the food at his Porchlight Latin Kitchen, and why Atlantans and critics alike have acquired a taste for his very personal take on Puerto Rican fare.  They’ll also dish on the pros and cons of a small restaurant in the suburbs, and Andre’s favorite spots in Atlanta’s food scene. Just the thing before we all head out for the dine-around! 

11:50-1:35PM: Chefs Roll Presents "Chef's Plate: Mise 2018"

1:45-6:00PM: Atlanta dine around, explore on your own

7:30-10:00PM: Closing event, poolside

2019 Agenda COMING SOON

Passionate author, chef, cyclist and philanthropist, Chris Cosentino is co-owner of San Francisco’s celebrated Cockscomb restaurant, Jackrabbit in Portland, OR, and Acacia House at Las Alcobas, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Napa Valley, with partner Oliver Wharton and parent company Delicious MFG & CO.

Designed with the hotel chef in mind, Mise is intended to inspire, educate and create definitive action. Our action-packed agenda will focus on food, operations and marketing--all intended to drive your personal and professional development and drive bottom line profits for your company. There will be ample time for networking with other chefs and our Sponsor partners, to select curriculum that suits your personal needs and to explore Atlanta on your own as a culinary mecca.

We are thrilled to announce our Opening and Keynote Speakers for 2019!

Opening Speaker/2019 MC: Chef Chad Minton

Keynote Speaker 2019: Chef Chris Cosentino

​Learn From The Best.

A 25-year kitchen veteran, Chad was most recently Executive Chef of the historic Highlands Inn, Carmel California. Prior to that Chad served as Executive Chef at the ultra-chic Andaz 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles. Chad is also the creative force behind TrueCooks and creates and designs everything for the brand. He credits a lifetime of mincing shallots as his inspiration for the line and preaches the qualities of "Humility, dedication and sacrifice" as keys to success in the restaurant/hospitality industry.