Get Set For Success.

With the current Covid-19 situation and its impact on the hotel segment, the Mise team has gathered input from many of you to inform just what Mise 2020 will look like. While we will not meet in person this year, we WILL continue to set you up for success. Stay tuned for details! And be well!

​--Jaclyn, Alexei and Thomas

Besides the great content, food and beverage, Mise was a great way to see old friends and colleagues and make new connections and to network. I'm glad I was able to attend.

“One of the best professional development opportunities I have attended.”

“Hotel chefs need help. It’s about education. It’s about inspiring people. It’s about giving people the tools they need. This conference is everything that can support that brilliant delivery of an exceptional product.”

2019 Notable Quotes:

What is Mise?

Mise is your setup. Where everything is arranged and properly in its place. What does mise en scene do for the cinema? It conveys information. It brings all elements together. What does mise en place do for a chef? It sets you up for success. You can be efficient, creative, and execute on point when you’ve taken care of your mise
When you attend Mise, you are set up for success. So you can be efficient and effective, and be your best. So you can be successful in your career. Culinary inspiration. Market intelligence. People skills. A strong network.



“There is no conference like this. I’ve been to other engagements, and there is nothing that is so zeroed in and targeted to us. I use everything I find here for the next year.”